ANGELA + KEVIN Hammock Beach Resort Wedding

On a Sunlit Spring day March 9th, 2018 - Angela and Kevin became husband and wife on one of our most Favorite Beach Venues in Central Florida, Hammock Beach Resort, located just east of Orlando and South of St. Augustine, in Palm Coast, Florida is the perfect venue for a wedding close to the beach. Why one of our favorites you must ask????

It offers several areas for you to have your ceremony, and multiple different ballrooms and outdoor ares for you to have your reception. The beach surrounding the resort is lined with breathtaking coquina rock, which makes it a unique and beautiful backdrop for photos and views.

Angela met Kevin 5 years ago at a party he was having at his house. In that time of her life, Angela had just got out of a very long and unpleasant relationship. In her own words, she wanted nothing to do with men for a while! Angela had just signed a lease on an apartment with two of her best friends and they were ready to live the bachelorette life lol!

She worked with Kevin’s brothers girlfriend at the time. She invited Angela & Kevin over to the party Kevin and his brother were having at their house. Angela walked in and immediately saw Kevin sitting on the couch with his new puppy Ted 💙🐾 Being the dog freak Angela is, she immediately sat down next to Kevin and stayed there all night holding Ted and talking with Kevin. They ended up exchanging numbers and the rest is a fairy tale history! They joke now that Ted was Kevin’s wing man 🤣

We are so Happy for these two lovebirds and we wish them the best on their new Journey!!!!