Wedding-Proof Makeup Tips To Beat The Summer Heat!!!

Weddings are one of the most meaningful, emotionally intense, and fleeting moments of your life…

And we all know, prime season has long arrived – summer with its inducing green grass, full blooms, blue skies, and sunshine…who doesn’t want a midsummer night’s dream?

Besides, everyone seems much cheerier this time of year. Makeup, however, can be a tricky thing in the heatwave with no portable fan or outdoor conditioning. You just need to be well armed for the sweltering day… So, let’s get to it and talk wedding-proof makeup tips to beat the tears, the sweat, and the grime!

Our team sat down and discussed the most important and most asked questions from our clients that would be beneficial to discuss here today.

To start, WE HIGHLY suggest doing at least ONE trial run to ensure your skin meshes well with any new products you might be using and to see how it holds through the boiling temps… Almost all of our brides agree with us on this one.


A week before the big day, we highly suggest focusing on your skin – taking care of any blemishes, exfoliating two days prior, and marinating in a sheet mask or two. This will help maximize hydration and moisture, which will result in smoother application and more natural looking makeup. This is also the time to pick a moisture to use on the day of…

The Base

For foolproof photogenic makeup, avoid SPF at all cost, pick a good primer + foundation combo, and a base that matches your skin tone and type. we reiterate this over and over, but light, thin layers is key to long lasting makeup! Hourglass makes really beautiful primers that wear well with all foundations. For a base, We have always (and will always) stand by Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and By Terry Sheer Expert Foundation. If you have oily skin, We have found Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation to be perfect, but it contains SPF 15. Another amazing full-coverage option sans SPF is Bobbi Brown Foundation Sticks – they’re super convenient because of the stick form obviously and can be used to create highlight-contour effects. They’re also great for any necessary touch ups throughout the day. The formulation sits on the drier side, which perfectly suits anyone who becomes a grease ball as the day draws on.


If you don’t know, we are fans of using both light-reflective and full-coverage concealers. Tarte Shape Tape excel at