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Bridal Makeup Tips For Your Wedding Day!!!!

The 2017 wedding season is in full swing and I would love to revisit some of the wedding beauty tips I shared a few years ago, as I believe bridal makeup should be timeless.

A million things have been said and written about looking great on your wedding day, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to add my two cents Getting married is one of the most memorable events in any woman’s life. Therefore, this is one day you want to look your very best. The idea is not to look like a different person… you want to look like a more glamorous and elegant “you”. The key is to enhance your best features without going overboard.

Enter your Makeup Artist!!! Hiring a makeup artist on your wedding day is not a must…it’s an option…a great option (in my opinion). Makeup Artists are professionals who assist in achieving your desired look on your wedding day and take the trial and error out of the equation on such an important day. Your final look adds the finishing touch to a perfect day. Most brides spend a lot of time and money on their special day, therefore making sure their physical appearance is planned out and also matches the events of the day is imperative. Once you have decided on the Makeup Artist of your choice, trust your instincts and:

During the trial session with your Makeup Artist, you will go over the perfect look for your wedding day. But for the Savvy Bride who wants to know more about the bridal makeup process, here are some tips to make sure your bridal makeup look is just as fabulous as your wedding. These tips will reinforce what your Makeup Artist will share with you on your special day:

1) Make it last!

You want your makeup to last all day. Primers = Long Lasting Makeup. Begin by applying a face primer before your foundation and eye primer before your eye shadow. Once all your makeup has been applied, use a setting powder to set your makeup. Remember, you will be in the midst of an all day “photo shoot”, therefore touchups are recommended to keep you looking fresh all day. Make sure you have lipstick or lip gloss and blotting powder handy for touch ups (Which we provide for you), however, you can duplicate the Makeup Artist’s kit, if you can. If you can afford it, purchase the foundation, lipstick, blot powder and the blush your makeup artist uses so you can touch up (if they are unable to stay all day). It’s a great investment in the long run, because you can use the items long after your wedding and honeymoon. If you are on a budget, lipstick and blotting powder are the most important for your “Day-of-Arsenal”. The rest of your makeup should stay intact, depending on the products you or your Makeup Artist used. M.A.C has a great blotting powder with a mirror for quick check ups.

2) Avoid like the Plague!

Avoid overly shimmery products i.e. eye shadows (in the crease or browbone area. Shim, blush and bronzers. Products for added glow are okay, but shimmery products can make the skin picture oily, so avoid if you have oily skin. Also, stay away from products with SPF 16 or greater because your face could look white or have a blue-ish under cast in flash photography. Last but not least, eyebrows are important for framing the face, so plan ahead and have your eyebrows groomed a few days before the wedding. Messy brows are a big NO-NO!

3) Know your wedding!

Think of the type of wedding you are having. Are you having a beach wedding with a flowy chiffon dress, vs. a huge cathedral wedding with a heavily beaded dress? You makeup style should reflect the occasion. You shouldn’t have a heavy, overly done makeup look for a beach wedding.

4) Forget Trends but follow your own rules!

Don’t be too trendy with your makeup style. Make sure years from now you will like your wedding look. For instance, will you really love rhinestones on your eyelashes 20 years from now? But at the same time, don’t be afraid of a little bit of color on your wedding day. You don’t have to stick to a neutral palette…venture out. Try playing up one feature. Go “bold” with a deep pink, magenta or coral lipstick, but make the look modern by keeping the rest of your makeup minimal. For example, if you go with bold eyes, choose a nude lip. If you go with bold lips, then tone down the eyes.

5) Lash-it up!

Talking about eyelashes…I think false lashes finishes all bridal looks. It opens up the eyes and gives a more intense look to the eye. I especially love the Demi Wispies by Ardell. I also love M.A.C #7 and #33 lashes for a natural romantic look.

6) Give it a Run!

A test run that is…by setting up a trial with your Makeup artist. Test runs are the best time to figure out what you like and don’t like. Trying out your makeup look for the first time on your wedding day is a big no-no. Try to avoid stressful situations like this on your big day.

7) Have fun!

Take in the moment and focus on the positive. It is important to remember…Makeup can be washed off, so don’t worry if you make a mistake, just start fresh. Give yourself and the Makeup Artist enough time to complete the perfect look with time to spare. Stay true to your personal style and “Tap into the fabulous You” on your special day!

And since a wedding blog post is nothing without pictures …below are a few lovely brides and bridesmaids I have had the pleasure of working with since I was last here. I say this as I cover my eyes and proceed to run away. ;)

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