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TIP #1



We recommend getting a trim every 8-12 weeks to maintain the shape and keep your hair in great condition. Avoid having a haircut a month before the wedding, especially if your desired hairstyle requires extra length.

Brushing Hair

TIP #2



Many of us do not realize when attempting to grow our hair out in a short period of time, your hair can be your worst enemy. By brushing damaged/unhealthy hair , you are actually breaking the hair off higher up the hair strand because it is always getting tugged and pulled by brush bristles. That is why Tip#1 is so important, by making sure you get regular trims and being gentle when brushing , you will avoid that terrible frizzy look. (Always remember, if your hair is unhealthy by the time your wedding comes, products and tools, will not work properly on your hair)


TIP #3



One of the main reasons that hair becomes unmanageable and dull looking is because it’s been stripped of its moisture. Using a hair dryer, curling iron or other heat source on your hair will strip the moisture from it.

It is no secret that deep conditioning your hair once a week are amazing and enforces strength , shine and helps repair damaged hair giving your stylist a healthy canvas to work on creating your wedding hair look.

When choosing a deep conditioning treatment, make sure to choose a silicone-free conditioner which is made from a blend of conditioning ingredients other than silicones – like lipids, amino acids, and neutralizing ingredients.

Leave in conditioners are also a great way to ensure your hair gets the nourishment it needs throughout the day; especially for Florida weddings!

Hair Dying

TIP #4


We always suggest that you have your hair color 2 weeks before the wedding. That way if any further changes are needed there is enough time to do so. If you’ve never dyed your hair, talk to your stylist about adding highlights, they bring a gorgeous texture to braids and up-dos.

Hair stylist or florist makes the bride

TIP  #5



We think it’s very important for both the bride and hair stylist to know exactly what style the bride is after as well as the wedding morning schedule. A trial is the safest way for brides to avoid having mismatched expectations on the day, if you do not have time to do a hair trial, we will ensure to have great communication with you to understand what is expected.


TIP #6



Usually your hair stylist will prefer you wash your hair the day before, this can help avoid the hair being limp, and also saves time on the day washing and drying the hair.

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