Wedding Venue Highlight - The Enchanting Barn

When we were asked to be part of of this amazing wedding styled shoot, we knew we had to share this incredible venue and feature it in our blog with our audience.

Barn Weddings have become extremely popular in the past few years, you may be asking yourself, why?????? Just like I did, I wanted to find out, why barn weddings have been trending for a while now. While doing some research and digging out the reason we found some facts that we like to share with you.

Young couples today, more than their parents or grandparents, see a wedding as an expression of their identity. Because they’re choosing to tie the knot later than previous generations, many wedding vendors that we had the opportunity to interview about this subject , find that their clients today seem to know themselves better than their clients 10 or 15 years ago.

“They’ve come into themselves more”. “They know what they like, what they want and how they want it, and they aren’t afraid to ask for it.” Couples gravitate towards locales that say something about their personality. By choosing to get married in a barn, a couple might want to show that they’re “connected to nature.” Maybe they fell in love outside, hiking or camping. Other unique locales—historic homes and museums for history buffs, and vineyards for wine lovers—are also having a moment in the wedding industry.

It’s about the couple—who they are, and what they want to represent.

Personally, I am loving this trend and I feel like we connect better with the couples that know exactly what they want.

To me, nothing feels more ideal than a barn wedding: cider, whiskey barrels, barnwood—all of the rustic details set the tone.

It’s such a remarkable experience for guests, and each barn wedding is a blank canvas to design in. The lack of colorful carpet or painted walls that are found in many traditional venues allows couples to bring in fun color and pattern to their wedding without worrying about clashing with their venue.

A beautiful combination of rustic woodland wedding style and wedding day sophistication this incredible styled shoot shows off exactly what we love about the rustic wedding style – the ability to combine a rustic look with wedding elegance.

A big thank you to Cyndi from The Enchanting Barn for allowing us to be part of this amazing experience.

The Enchanting Barn features a two-story, renovated horse barn providing an intimate and private setting nestled on 11 acres in the country, tucked away for complete privacy and unlimited options, to bring your dream wedding to a reality.