365 days ago Meaghan woke up in the "Happiest Place on Earth" a place “Where Dreams Come True” Walt Disney World.

We arrived at 4 am to start the Hair & Makeup Process, the morning was full of laughter and good vibes, Meaghan and her Bridal Party were fun, down to earth and made the getting ready process easy breeze, we had an absolute blast with all the girls and her wedding was the most Magical Disney Wedding we have ever witnessed. The best part is, we got to do the glam process all over again the next day for her Disney portraits :)

It didn't hit Meaghan that it was her wedding day until that moment she saw her Prince standing, his back toward her with his perfect posture. She suddenly felt all of her emotions hit her.

During each and every trip to Walt Disney World, Meaghan would stare at Disney's Wedding Pavilion, knowing that was where she wanted to get married to her Prince one day. She shared, The couple married at this fabulous venue and we are so happy for them!!!!!!