A Bride’s Guide to Choosing A Hairstyle for Her Wedding Day!

From flowers to decor, wedding planning can be simplified into a simple checklist. However, unless you are fluent in the language of hair, choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day can be confusing, especially when presented with so many options. So, how do you narrow your options and find the right style for you?gger

In this guide, I will give you the top tips when choosing your hairstyle for your wedding day!

Compliment Your Wedding Style

A wedding style is determined by the overall vision of your wedding. Ask yourself, “What is the vibe that I’m going for?” Knowing this will give you a better image of what your style is.

If you are going for a romantic style- a candlelight dinner ambiance- consider having your hair swept to one side with open, voluminous curls or an elegant loosely pulled back bun with a few light pieces to frame your face.

If you are going for a bohemian style- a free-spirited atmosphere with lots of floral and greenery details- Add braids into your look. Whether its a loosely pulled together fishtail braid or a half up half down with soft, accented braids; this beautiful style is casual yet, will highlight the eccentric parts of you.

If you are going for a modern style- a geometric and minimal design- try a classic or more traditional chignon. This classic, chic look will still have you admiring it for years to come.

If you are going for a vintage style- a weathered and antique accented impression- an inspired Old Hollywood look with defined curls and added volume, this glamorous look goes great with any length and is a classic worth considering.

Factor in Your Hair Texture and Length

An ultimate determining factor in choosing your hairstyle will be your hair texture and length.

When it comes to texture, determine whether your hair can hold a curl. If so, will it be able to hold up to the end of your reception? What if you have naturally curly hair and wish to maintain your natural texture? Try looking for hairstyles that compliment your natural texture. For length, consider whether your inspirational hairstyle will require longer and/or fuller hair. If so, take thought of investing in hair extensions for the day of. Most importantly, choose a style that will be easy for you to manage and work well with your hair type.