How to Have The Best Skin for Your Wedding Day!!!

Every girl dreams of what she’ll look like on her wedding day. We imagine ourselves with an ear to ear smile and beautiful, flawless, glowing skin, much like the models we see in bridal magazines. The question is how do we get that wedding glow and what’s their secret?

No Worries, I got you covered!!!!! Here is my top tips to achieve the best skin for your wedding day!

Start Early

We’d all love to wake up with blemish-free, even-toned, smooth skin; however, like most things, nothing comes that easy. Start your skincare regime early- about 3- 6 months early!

The skin’s natural turn-over cycle is about 28 days, so that's possibly a month before you see real results. Give yourself time to start a skincare routine.

Recommendations: Starting early with moisturizing retinol, such as Luna Sleeping Night by Sunday Riley, will decrease fine lines and wrinkles, increase collagen and accelerate your skin’s natural cell turnover.

Luna Sleeping Night by Sunday, $55

Create a Regimen

Visit your local dermatologist, esthetician, or your wedding makeup artist about giving you advice on a proper skincare routine. By having a professional’s opinion, you will be able to have insight and guidance on your skin type, skin needs, and recommended products.

Recommendation: Begin your daily routine with a product like Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser. This everyday, gentle cleanser will remove your makeup and leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated!

Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser by Philosophy, $24